Occupation Wizard
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Species Humanoid
Introduced In Wizard Battle
Latest Appearance Unknown
Voiced By Steve Little

Abracadaniel is a wizard seen in the episode Wizard Battle He entered the battle cause he thought the prize was money but it was just a kiss from Princess Bubblegum. After he won he said to get the kiss from PB but he lost when Finn made a shocking scream he lost and Fiin won and the kiss from PB.


Abracadaniel is a humanoid with a pear-shaped head and pink skin. He has black hair that goes around his whole head. He wears a white robe and socks, as well as a rainbow headband and what appears to a small blue fannypack that sports a red and yellow lightingbolt design on its rear. His robe is a bit odd-looking; it is long-sleeved and at the top of his legs, it forms circular bulbs. There are green spots at the bottom of the legs and the end of the socks. There is also a green circle on the chest area of the robe. He wields a small wand that forks at the end; it is brown and essentially looks like a stick.


He has the power to change someone's color. Abracadaniel states his body is soft and squishy; this enabled him to survive being hit by a meteorite summoned by a Rock Wizard. He can also turn things into butterflies and back. The theme of his powers seems to be that they are harmless on their own. Abracadaniel's spells are what are called cantrips (he is actually heard to say "cantrip" when he cast's a spell). These easily mastered magic tricks include but are not limited to the ability to transform small objects, create different colored lights, and to change the skin color of an individual.



They met in the episode Wizard Battle. He helped Abracadaniel win the battle because he dosen't want the kiss which Finn said cool. He helped him defeated the Ice King even he cheated.

Ice KingEdit

They were enemies in the episode Wizard Battle. To win Abracadaniel transformed Ice King's nunchuck into a living butterfly. When the transformed butterfly flew above Ice King, Abracadaniel transformed it back into nunchuck, which knocked Ice King out when it fell onto his head.


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  • He might have been a human before.
  • His parents are unknown