Occupation Scientist
Age Deceased (possibly)
Gender Female
Relatives Unknown
Species Human
Introduced In Holly Jolly Secrets II (pictures)
Latest Appearance I Remember You (newspaper clipping)
Voiced By Unknown

Betty is a human and is also the fiancee of Simon Petrikov (Ice King). They had a very close relationship but until he purchased a enchanted crown (Ice King's Crown). When Simon put it for the first time, Betty was terrified and he never seen her ever again. Simon wishes to see her.


She is a woman that is on twenties or thirties. She is seen wearing glasses with a green turtleneck, but in other pictures she is seen wearing a lab coat which probably she is a scientist.


  • She is seen to have a scientific parasite in her pocket.
  • Pendleton said that Dr. Princess and her are not the same person.