Occupation Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Species Candy People
Introduced In Slumber Party Panic
Latest Appearance You Made Me
Voiced By Dee Bradley Baker

Chet is a part of the main citizens of the Candy Kingdom. He almost figured out that there the zombies are the Candy People, He almost got scared because of the noise outside of the Candy Kindom. In the episode The Real You he was arguing with Peppermint Butler of who was the Grill-meister. In the episode Dream of Love he was disturbed by  Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig because of their affection in public.


He is a bon-bon and he speaks in a surfer accent. 


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  • In the episode The Real You Peppermint Butler and Chet had a rivalry.
  • He looks like he does not have any teeth.
  • In the episode Slumber Party Panic he is seen holding a stick.

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