Cotton Candy Kingdom
[[File:Cotton Candy Princess|210px|]]
Occupation Princess
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Relatives Princess Bubblegum (possibly)
Species Candy People
Introduced In His Hero
Latest Appearance Unknown
Voiced By Unknown

Cotton Candy Princess was seen in a flashback of Billy in the episode His Hero. She was rescued from the Fire Count. Nothing is know about this.


She has a pink bubblegum hair like PB. Her head is bigger than her body and it is said that she is taller than Billy. She also has a pink tiara and wears a long-sleeved purple dress.


  • She might have been mutated
  • It is rumored that she was the ruler of the Candy Kingdom
  • It is possible that Princess Bubblegum and Cotton Candy Princess might have a past relationship with each other.
  • There's a gender-swapped of her but has not yet showed in any gender-swapped episodes.