Ruler Unknown
Reside In Grass Lands
Known Characters Finn, Betty (possibly dead or mutated) Fionna (Fictional/Gender-swapped Version)
Introduced In Animated Short
Last Appearance Unknown

Humans are the endangered species after the Mushroom War. It is stated that Finn is the last human on earth. Many characters might have been mutated but it was only rumored. Bob Rainicorn said that humans were extinct. The population of humans was attributed of the cause of the Mushroom War. Since the Mushroom was full of nuclear weapons and explosives it might have cause almost the humans to die form the war. The Undead Skeletons might have been humans before they were dead.

In the episode Susan Strong Susan might have been a human like Finn. Pajama Man and Old Henchman have resembled like humans before. 

Known HumansEdit

Deceased HumansEdit

  • The actors from the movie Heat Signature
  • Betty (possibly)
  • Abraham Lincoln


  • Stormo

Farmworld UniverseEdit

  • Finn's Mom
  • Finn's Dad
  • Finn's Sibling
  • Choose Bruce 

Formerly HumansEdit

  • Ice King


  • They are also called Humanoids
  • The people in Ooo might have been humans before
  • The pre-war film Heat Signature was the only film shown before the war.
  • The Hyooman tribe must have been formerly humans