Marshall Lee
[[File:Marshall Lee|210px|]]
Occupation Vampire King
Age 1000+
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Species Vampire
Introduced In Fionna and Cake
Latest Appearance Unknown
Voiced By Donald Glover

Marshall Lee (Full Title: Marshall Lee the Vampire King) is the gender-swapped of Marceline. His first appearance was in the episode Fionna and Cake where he was attending the Prince's Gumball's Biennal Gumball Ball.


Marshall Lee has the same abilties as Marceline since he is the Gender-swapped of Marceline. He has a slim body and grayish skin. He wears a red and dark blue stripped polo and blue jeans with shoes. 


He can eat the color red like Marceline and can play the Axe Bass.

Personality Edit

He could be good in singing and might have an interest in music. He greeted Fionna with the sign of horns.



Marshall Lee had to the sign of horns in Fionna during the ball. Nothing is much know about this. Marshall Lee and Fionna might be good friends.


  • Rebecca Sugar stated that Marshall to have few lines but duo to the time limitations of the show.
  • When he does the sign of horns his fingers are five besides four.


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