Muscle Princess
[[File:200px-Muscle Princess Revised|210px|]]
Occupation Princess
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Relatives Unknown
Species Unknown
Introduced In What is Life?
Latest Appearance Princess Monster Wife
Voiced By John DiMaggio

Muscle Princess (also known as Princess Muscles ) is first seen in the episode "What is Life?" in Ice King's Imagination Zone. Her second appearance was in "Loyalty to the King" where she was in love with the Nice King (a.k.a. Ice King). Her second appearance was in "To Cut A Woman's Hair" where Finn was trying to get her hair to save Jake from the Tree Witch. Her fourth appearance was in "Princess Monster Wife" where Ice King used her right arm.


She is very muscular princess which states her name. Her voice is a kind of deep musculine voice. She is green skinned and wears blue boots with light blue or yellow hearts on them. Although, in the episode, "What is Life?," she is depicted with yellow stars on her boots, and a blue dress. She has a small, yellow crown on her head. She usually carries a dumbbell and works out her arms. In the episode "To Cut a Woman's Hair," it is revealed she has a deep masculine voice and she is referred to as "Princess Muscles" by Finn. Her hair is short with two heart-shaped buns on each side of her head; she claims she keeps it short so people could notice her muscles instead. Her crown, skirt, hairstyle, boots, and lips were redesigned after her cameo in "What is Life?" and she no longer has visible veins which were part of her original design.



Like all princesses in Ooo, she has a crush on Finn. In the episode "To Cut A Woman's Hair" she thought that Finn had on her too, then she fought Finn the face.


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  • She is one of Ice King's favorite princess shown in "Princess Monster Wife.
  • She has a cellphone.
  • It is said that she has the biggest breast.


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