Paper Pete
[[File:Paper Pete|210px|]]
Occupation Secret Guardian of the books, Ruler of the Pagelings
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Species Pagelings
Introduced In Paper Pete
Latest Appearance Unknown
Voiced By Pete Browngardt

Paper Pete is the leader of the Pagelings. He and the other Pagelings revealed themselves to Finn duo to the damaged books. He tells Finn to call him PP but Finn called him Pete. His enemy is Mildwin, leader of the Moldos, Moldos was just elected as leader. 


He is small and came from the blank pages of the book. He could fold himself into a flower and an airplane. He is an origami man with arms and legs. 


He has a sword made of paper and it is also the right size for him. It seems  effective when fighting the Moldos. 


He is brave, polite and generous. He only fights evil like Finn. He speaks in Old English.



They  have a good relationship. Finn helped the Pagelings defeated the Moldos and to find the Moldos' Secret Lair which it was a bookshelf. 


They are a army to defeat the Moldos which when Finn fixed the problem the Moldos stopped damaging the library books. 


They were enemies but Finn fixed the problem and they stop fighting each other. 


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  • The Moldos and Pagelings might have a past relationship
  • His name PP sounds like pee-pee
  • He can fold himself into different forms like dancing flowers and airplane in the first and last part of the episode.
  • He might appear in other episodes.