Tree Trunks
Tree Trunks
Occupation Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Relatives Unknown
Species Elephant
Introduced In Slumber Party Panic
Latest Appearance Five More Short Grayables
Voiced By Polly Lou Livingston

Tree Trunks (also known as TT) is a elephant friend of Finn and Jake. She makes good apple pie and she lives in the Candy Kingdom.


Tree Trunks she is a sweet, gentle, kind, generous and helpful. She has a texas accent. She is sometimes determine like in the episode Tree Trunks she was determine to get the Crystal Apple. She is romantic in the episode Dream of Love she was romantic with Mr. Pig. She can also sing as it is seen in the episode Dream of Love along with Mr. Pig. She is sometimes honest.


She is a yellow-green pygmy elephant with wrinkles. She has a small pink bow which it is attached in her tail. She has a texas accent.

Quartzion the Crystal QueenEdit

In the episode Crystals Have Power she has a new evil personality, when she ate the Crystal Gem Apple she was transported in the Crystal Dimension which she was there ruler. She has the ability to float and shot lazers. Her eyes were diamonds. She order the Crystal Guardians to capture Finn to become his Crystal King. In the end when Jake kicked her in the gutt she spitted the Crystal Gem Apple and she become back to normal.


Finn and JakeEdit

They are good friends. In the episode "Tree Trunks Finn and Jake protect her from the Sign Zombies. They help her get the Crystal Gem Apple. In the episode Apple Thief they help Tree Trunks find who was the apple thief in order to make apple pies.

Mr. PigEdit

In the episode Dream of Love she fall in love with Mr. Pig. They try to hide their affection in public but it was not successfully done. In the same episode it is revealed that he has been staying in Tree Trunk's house.



  • She has a gender-swaped version
  • She sometimes uses her trunk to water her flowers
  • She has a pink lipstick
  • She has also has a talent to sing and dance which it is seen it Dream of Love
  • She is good in making apple pie for Finn and Jake.

Episodes FeaturedEdit